Bradford’s World Curry Festival- Show your love for food

If you are the one who always takes time to decide on menu or who can never decide on what to select for dinner table, then it’s getting even tougher for you darling. The fifth World Curry Festival has been opened in Bradford by the American ambassador to the UK. This festival’s theme is about bringing chefs from different corners of the world under one roof. Matthew Barzun opened the festival that has American curry chefs joining cooks from India and Bradford. Different people, different cultures and different flavors can be found together making the fusion out of the bests of each.

“It’s not about food only, it’s about a coming together of cultures” – as Zulfi Kareem, the festival’s founder said. Alongside the traditional curry theme, cooking demonstrations, cooking classes and cooking schools, this year’s festival which will be in Lister Park in Manningham will focus on world street food and, specifically, Malaysia. Unlike the restaurants where we go and order what we like, the Bradford’s World Curry Festival offers variety of food which you may find weird or may be excellent depending upon your taste and mood, but one thing for sure, you will discover new flavors and aroma which does not exist before.

Other than food, you can enjoy live music which will be in compliment to the theme of this event and you can enjoy poetry of famous poets. You can also get a chance to meet master chefs in personal and can ask for the tips and tricks of making tastier and healthier food. If you are a real food and loves royal food full of nuts and creams, try curry dishes at different stalls. The best part is you can see making food you eat and suggest them according to your taste and preferences. This popular event will now be held in Bradford on the weekend of September 12 and 13, in a new venue and fresh ideas.

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