Coca-Cola ParkLives – Yoga For Healthy Manchester

People in Manchester are more health-centered and love participating in different health activities and events. Irrespective of their age and schedule, they make out time to keep them fit and active with no health diseases. Manchester’s Death rate shows the concern of people for their good health and inclination towards the best of their body.

Keeping their fitness in mind, the ParkLives programme is designed to help people in Manchester become a bit more active. No matter your location, age or money you could have spend, this programme provides a sociable, approachable and welcoming atmosphere to try out different fitness events. The aim is to provide free fitness sessions in 7 major local parks in Manchester which includes Heaton Park, Platt Fields Park, and Chorlton Water Park.

The Coca-Cola ParkLives Programme provides free sessions on yoga, welcoming all the localites above 16 years of age. Yoga promotes good fitness, health and state of mind, it also increases the flexibility of body as well as strength. Its benefits are only perceived to be at the body level and we fail to realize the immense benefits yoga offers in uniting the body, mind and breath. It has the capacity to heal major diseases, pains and helps in shaping your different body parts. Other than these physical activities, you can socialize with people who have same interests like you. It’s always awesome to hear and learn how they maintain their overall fitness and their regime.

Most of the people come on feet while other prefer coming by their cars and other conveyances. For those kinds, Parking is not an issue and is available at Debdale centre. Note down the Meeting point for activities which is Eco Centre. Do not forget to join this healthy event which is family-friendly and can be attended with anyone and everyone. Start with yourself to promote the nation’s health. Go healthy Manchester!

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