Top 3 events in Sheffield

Sheffield has fantastic atmosphere all round year encircling everything from Hip-Hop music festivals to classical performances, interactive Exhibitions to live standup comedy, charity events to outdoor activities. There’s always something new to watch or do. Gear up your advents shoes and plan a fantastic day with your family and friends.

Picture House Revival

Celebrate Sheffield’s century-long love affair with the silver screen at the Abbey dale picture house. This picture house is entertaining everyone from past 55 years and continues to do so. People are in love with picture house revival; hence the cinema is a famous past time for people living there. You can get street food vendors, a bar stocked to the brim with locally brewed ale, popcorn, ice cream, and the return of a Sarsaparilla ‘Temperance Bar’ – all under the dome of an iconic Sheffield cinematic landmark.

The Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize

Good news for all photographers, professional or for those who love to frame everything in their pictures out of their hobby. If you are in love with photography, you can plan for The Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize to see sixty portraits of world’s most popular photographers. On tour to Sheffield from the National Portrait Gallery, one can find the images of traditional and cultural areas including some famous faces. Amongst those portraits best 4 portraits are selected every year. This event is not to be missed at any cost.

Gaga, the leadmill

What are your plans for Friday night? If not planned yet, how about the gaga night? Whether you like to move on tune or a bit of Beyoncé, gaga has it all. To make the Friday night sweeter, you can try different mock tails and juices. This will definitely be a night to remember including free candy floss for the ladies, free popcorns, free sweets and more. Do not miss the gaga night or you will regret your decisions later.

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