Top 4 Restaurants With Mouth-Watering Food in London

Does delicious food make you hungry? Do you feel like eating every amazing dish in front of you? We know how it feels so we are here with amazing restaurants in London.

1. Baiwei

This restaurant is a great place for having Chinese food in London. It is a cosy place where everyone is taken good care of. This place is a lot more fun than expected and everyone comes out with great smiles on their faces as the time spent here is always worthy and enjoyable. Here the texture of food is as important as the taste, so the presentation here is too good as well. The food is served very promptly and is more than just delicious.

2. Barnyard

With unusually great flavours, this restaurant is one of the best in London and undoubtedly one of the most visited one too. ‘Lard on Toast’ is one dish which must be ordered and tasted. It is one of the best dishes of the restaurant. The location of this restaurant is simply great. One could never complain for this place. The service here is very charming.

3. Cay Tre

One of the Vietnamese restaurants in London city, this restaurant leaves everyone in the city impressed with the amazing service and freshly cooked food. Food is served beautifully, adding to the flavours of the dishes. The ever delicious Devon crab wrap is a must try. Everyone becomes delighted to have visited here. Roasted peanuts and nuoc cham should also be tried if you visit this restaurant.

4. Mien Tay

The service in this restaurant is amazingly super friendly. The food of this restaurant is exceptionally brilliant. ‘Stir-fried green mussels with ginger and spring onion’ is a must try here. The atmosphere is very much welcoming and friendly. Scallops with black bean sauce were equally brilliant. An excellent wine list is present too.

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