Top 4 Super Friendly Restaurants in London

If a person is in a wonderful city like London then he will surely feel like roaming more, travelling a lot and also eating more. So now the question comes that does delicious food make you hungry? Do you feel like eating every amazing dish in front of you? We know how it feels so we are here with amazing restaurants in London. This is the sole reason why we have worked hard behind this list of splendid restaurants in the beautiful city of London.

1. Olives and Meze

It is located in Clapham High Street. All become delighted to have visited here. The service in this restaurant is amazing and super friendly. The hot meze would be a perfect dish for anyone to try in case of doubt. Also, the homemade baklava is yet another dish which is delicious here.

2. Cheese at Leadenhall

This place is a lot more fun than expected and everyone comes out with great smiles on their faces as the time spent here is always worthy. This restaurant is at Leadenhall market in London which is a good place to hang out. The food is served very promptly and is more than just delicious.

3. Vallebona

The coffee here is fantastic and the staff is very friendly. In addition to this, the location of this restaurant is simply great. This place is an impressive one. This restaurant is a real gem. One could never complain for this place. It has a very nice atmosphere too.

4. Ping Pong

The staff is very pleasant here. This restaurant in London has a lot to offer. The atmosphere is very much welcoming and friendly. This place is one which always remains crowded with a huge number of people. Once a person visits this restaurant in London, it leaves them impressed with the amazing service and freshly cooked food.

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