Top 5 attractions in Sheffield

Sheffield is located in the north England, about 65 kilometers east of Manchester in South Yorkshire. The city named so because of its origin on the field of Sheaf River. Sheffield is rapidly becoming a tourist attraction, people from UK and foreign countries prefer to visit this place due to the wide array of attractions this city has. Not only the tourist destinations that attract people to this city, it is also known as the metal city due to the huge amount of steel products produced and sold here. In the last few decades, this city has seen a huge transformation in terms of cultural and entertainment development. In case you are planning to visit this city in near future then you should visit these top 5 tourist attraction of the city.

Sheffield Cathedral

This is the oldest church in the city, which was founded 1100 and was replaced with a new late-Gothic Perpendicular designed church on the same place in the middle of 15th century. The choir and tower of the church remained same till 1914, when it was planned to give the church a larger look, but soon the world war started, which resulted the church to remain half completed. This is the 1st attraction that you must see to get a glimpse of pre world war era.

Town Hall

Beautiful bridleway of the Orchard square and shops, cafes and restaurants of the Fragate will lead your way to the historical Victorian Town Hall. This a resurgent building which was built in 1897 and further renovated and enlarged in between 1910- 1923. The main tower is 193 feet and carved with the figures of blacksmith god holding aloft arrows and Vulcan, which look amazing and shows the image of Sheffield’s predominant industry.

Central Library and Graves Art Gallery

The particular Sheffield Central Library and Graves Memorial, opened in 1934, contain an excellent assortment of old masters and English art of the 18th century to this day, along with major artists from the 19th and 20th centuries for instance Picasso, Cézanne, Braque and Corot.

Kelham Island Industrial Museum

Kehlham Island Industrial Museum exhibits steel and silverware from your past 300 years. Craftspeople are so visible at work in the small Mesters workshop. A 1, 200-hp steam engine is another from the museum’s special attractions.

National Emergency Services Museum

National Emergency Services Museum houses a fascinating collection of greater than 40 vintage vehicles including fire engines, police cars and ambulances, as properly as uniforms and equipment. and the Police horse stables and old prison cells are also fun to explore.

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