Top 5 Cozy Hotels in Coventry

With the following great and comfortable hotels in Coventry city, we wish you have a nice time and and an amazing experience while your stay in the city.

1. The Chace Hotel

Without any doubt, this hotel in Coventry has the most impressive service from the staff. The hotel is excellent and is very cozy. Hotel parking is very good and easy to find too. The rooms are very much comfortable and cozy.

2. Old Mill Hotel by Good Night Inns

With soothing rooms and serene environment, this hotel is surely one of the best hotels in Coventry. With easy check in and quite a good service, this hotel is a must visit in Coventry. The food you will get here is tasty and so very delicious. The rooms are clean here and the staff is very good.

3. Cocked Hat by Good Night Inns

There is a very pleasant guy who receives the visitors. The efficiency of the staff is praiseworthy. The best thing about this hotel is great staff reception as well as house-keeping. The check in is simple and doesn’t make one wait for too long. The menu is extensive so one can go for a variety of dishes.

4. Hylands Hotel

The staff is attentive here and the rooms are quiet. The dining room is good too. Selection of everything the rooms and the hotel are very good and appreciative. The rooms and the sofa are very comfortable. With amazing location and wonderful staff, this hotel is lovely. The food and the service are more than just excellent.

5. The Allesley Hotel

The environment is very peaceful and everyone would love to stay here atleast one during the visit to Coventry. This is a hotel in Coventry with a great location. The hotel itself is very good and has friendly staff. The staff is very much welcoming and helpful.

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