Top 5 Getaways Near Birmingham

Looking for a day or two out near Birmingham? Or simply want to spend some time out of your city but not in Black Country? Then probably you should look into this list that gives you some amazing spots around 2 hours drive from Birmingham

Snow Dome:

Originally known as Tamworth Snow Dome, is a true snowy-magical experience for the indoor adventure loving people. This place is located in Midland and great for family visit and has some a huge 170 metre length slope and two big snow domes. You can enjoy as many rides as you can imagine in snow like skiing, snowboarding, sledging, tobogganing, ice skating and even has sauna and gym too. So take out your gloves and visit this cool place.

Cheddar Gorge:

As the name says, Cheddar Gorge is the Britain’s biggest gorge with breath taking 450 feet high cliffs to the gorgeous caverns, situated in the Somerset. This place is an amazing blend of history, adventure and nature! You can enjoy the outdoor sports like rock climbing to the museums that depicts our ancestral history. The caves are worth watching apart from the mesmerizing cliff walks. Enjoy this great place once famous for the royal hunting.


The Techniquest is located in the Cardiff Bay and is famous for its over 120 exhibits and hot balloon rides to the Science Theatre. This is the place where you can do all the fun and silly things which you would never get chance to do! Dig your brain to solve puzzles, get your hands in gluey orange paint, move a giant granite rock or watch the tiny ants build up their homes! This place has so much to say and help kids as well as adults to have some fun with science and discover the simple ways of working with science like launching a hydrogen rocket which are like mystery quests.

The Doctor Who Experience:

You’ll probably fell in love with this place if you’re a fan of Doctor Who series. This place gives some truly time travelling experience. Get right to the TARDIS and with the help of Doctor Who, go on an adventurous ride with monsters and have the privilege to watch some of the most expensive props, artefacts and costumes. Not only you can visit this action packed place but also can know about the world behind the Doctor Who’s scenes. Go for his place if you’re looking for some action and weird place for the weekend.

Berrow (South) Beach:

What can be lovelier than a bright sunny day and cool water to blow your mind and give a relaxing atmosphere than the beach? It is a perfect escapade from the busy life that too near Birmingham. It is much famous for fishing and beach sports. You can enjoy horse riding or windsurfing too. You might even see few seabirds. This beach is also famous for its sand dunes and Ship Wreck.

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