Top 5 Hotels in Edinburgh

Historical attractions in Edinburgh are plentiful and the vivid history of this city can be seen, felt and read about practically on every nook and corner. Don’t be fooled from the tranquillity, Edinburgh is a city which has a vibrant and violent record. It was once home to vicious murderers, dangerous robbers and cannibals who have left the locals with more than a handful of tales that could make your blood run cold. But this city has changed and has managed to keep its historical glory up and about. If you are heading to this cultural city and wondering for a hotel where you can stay during your vacation then you should know about these top5 hotels in Edinburgh.


This is a wonderful hotel having huge living rooms, two bathrooms, large bed room and lounges which are fully equipped. Everything in this hotel is designed marvellously with high standards to please and pamper the guests. The Chester Residence hotel is located in an unbelievably calmer place and crews here are amazing and hospitable.


This is a very conventional and the finest hotel located in Edinburgh. The hotel houses experienced and skilled staff to make sure no guests return in disappointment. From better rooms and lounge to finest service and housekeeping, you will certain find everything is up to the mark in this hotel.


If you really want to stay in a place where can fell the amazing view of the city’s beauty then you should stay here. This hotel says that “we never ever let our guests to find any flaws in our service”. The hotel has fully furnished and large bedrooms, which are really nice with amazing views of Edinburgh Castle. The staffs of this hotel are really helpful and will go to any extent to see the happy face of a guest.

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