Top 5 Night Clubs in SHEFFIELD

Sheffield is fast transforming into a tourist destination, and not only for people within United Kingdom, people from many other places also come to visit this place. A wide selection of attractions, events, and sites can be discovered by Sheffield’s guests. Long ago Sheffield had been an industrial giant. Not due to the size, but because on the amount and quality on the steel and other metallurgy items produced and sold there. In just a handful of decades, Sheffield has been transformed into an activity and cultural centre, in addition to a great tourist destination. Night life is equal exciting in this city that attracts party animal and fun seeking people. Following are the top 5 Night Clubs in Sheffield.


Amnesia is one of the most renowned venues in the town. The club is on the upstairs, where you will tasty cocktails, beer and numerous types of rums. Lounge bar and a vibrant dance floor is in downstairs, where you can enjoy the whole night without any limits.


Babylon is a stylish retro themed bar started operating 2008. If you are a person who just love to grab a bear and dance listening to the music of nineties then Babylon is the right place for you. If you have always enjoyed old pop music you will love this bar than any others.


Corporation is known for hosting live band shows and alternative music shows in the Sheffield. It has able to attract too many music maniacs since it has started in 1997. Its ambience is just perfect to enjoy the evening without any interference and has voted as the best rock club in the city.


This club is located in the centre of Sheffield, though this club is small, but it’s exciting and energetic atmosphere is just enough to set your party mood up. This club hosts many night parties ranging from 50’s inspired style to modern extraordinary style.


This club is Sheffield’s very own night club and every night it hosts parties to spread the love between locals. From range of drinks and dance floor to best bartenders and a renowned DJ, every setup here is just perfect to make evening unforgettable.

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