Top 5 Places in Edinburgh You Should Go For Entertainment

Edinburgh surely is a popular holiday destination for tourists as well as participating parties. While the older town was established with a number of clubs and pubs that provide live music and contemporary cool ale inside West End, live theatre, jazz music venues also offer endless fun. Folk music is very popular in Edinburgh, many nearby clubs, has folk performances by renowned artists. The brand new city street blow, host a range of bars and clubs, and streets inside lease and can fulfil the desires of young audience. In case you are heading to Edinburgh this week and don’t know which places to go for entrainment, then you should know about these 5 places.


The Roseleaf is an average Leith bar with appealing and striking ambience, which can make you remember the traditional country bars in suburban areas. The club is old fashioned yet with the touch of modern service and arrangements. With floral wall decals, old furniture to sit and drinks served in bone china tea pot, you will certainly feel like you are in a bar of mid 80s. You can get tasty cocktails, real ales, speciality teas, coffees and many other drinks here.


This club’s atmosphere is precisely ideal for spending the night without limits and with loads of fun. Cabaret Voltaire houses a large dance floor and some renowned DJs to put flavours to partying experience. This club hosts live acts, stand-up comedy, visual arts and many more.


Want to make your Saturday evening unforgettable then this bar is for you. Bow bar is one the most eminent traditionally styled clubs, which serves excellent real ales and a wide selection of malt whiskies, though the bar’s famous for its traditional style, it has its own unique style of modernity. You can enjoy with your friends on Friday and Saturday evenings in this place.


This inconspicuous pub is a strong example of places which still support the traditional music. People like to sing with the famous Scottish folk music group here. Music generally starts at 9 pm in the evening and sometime starts at 3pm too, that usually on Saturdays and Sundays. Sandy Bell’s also host some unplanned activities to surprise its customers.


In this place you will probably meet some maniacs who like to party hard and dance till they puke. Stereo usually hosts student night outs to attract youngsters from across the city. While some people come here to enjoy the weekend well, some people rush here to drink cheap promo drinks that the bar offers.

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