Top 5 Places in Newcastle You Should Visit with your family

Newcastle is situated at the Tyne riverbank. A flourishing and urbanized city, it is amongst the most visited holiday destinations in the UK. Not only does it provide cutting edge tourist amenities, but additionally high-end entertainment facilities intended for young and old similar. Newcastle is now the booming, modern city having financial areas, shopping districts as well as a large nod towards travel and leisure, which has seen numerous Newcastle hotels and accommodation being built nowadays. In case you have decided to visit this prosperous city, then you should know about these 5 places where you can go and have pure fun.

Sunday Quayside Market

This market in located in that heart of the city and is a flourished historical market, where traders from different part of the city sell variety of goods. If you want to quench your shopaholic thirst then you are in the right place. There are many things available here, which include:- hand crafted quality local stuffs, jewelleries, delicious cupcakes, clothing, sweets and much more.


Though the place sounds little boring for adults, but your kids are going to find this as a music dreamland. This is a place for fun singing, music making and various musical movements. If you want to develop your child’s musical and social skills then this place is perfectly designed for that. From karaoke systems to DJ machine everything is available here.


In Dec, 1914, by Christmas, reportedly more than 21000 men had been chosen to do the outbreak of the deadly 1st world war. This museum is exactly about that history that Newcastle would never afford to forget. The exhibition in this museum perfectly depicts what was the life of people at that time. Various pictures and stuffs are kept on the archive of this museum, which are worth seeing.


This place is certainly for party freaks. Party nights in Love Dough Club are all about the perfect show and finest partying experience. The club makes it possible by its careful attention to the details. Love Dough always innovates new ways to make parties unforgettable for its customers. This club houses best bartenders and skilled musicians, beat boxer and street magician from around the city.


This club’s aim is very simple, set up best party nights, play some of the finest music, best DJ, disco, with desire to do nothing but party all night. If you just want to party hard while listening to some finest records then this place will definitely confine your gaze.

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