Top 5 Places in Sheffield You Should Go With your Family for Entertainment

Sheffield is fast transforming into a tourist destination, and not only for people within United Kingdom, people from many other places also come to visit this place. A wide selection of attractions, events, and sites can be discovered by Sheffield’s guests. Long ago Sheffield had been an industrial giant. Not due to the size, but because on the amount and quality on the steel and other metallurgy items produced and sold there. In just a handful of decades, Sheffield has been transformed into an activity and cultural centre, in addition to a great tourist destination. Following are the top 5 places you should visit for entertainment.


Academy Music Group is a famous music group which has acquired the city centre location. It is a landmark building and known as Academy Sheffield. The music group started operating in 11th Apr 2008 and successfully attracting many visitors with incredible concerts. The auditorium, from which it is operating from, has the capacity to house more than 2000 people at once.


This building was opened by The Queen of Sheffield in 1991 and it holds the record of getting a huge amount of crowd that were present there to see the function. This million dollar building was built for world student game and still it is serving the same purpose. The building hosts sports exhibitions, ice hockey, ice skating and many more.


Sheffield City Hall is a conference venue and a concert located near the Sheffield City Centre. It is a renovated building which was actually built in the year of 1932. Being the most renowned centre it host nearly 500 events per year. From operas and different shows to parties and business events, anything and everything can be hosted by this hall.


Leadmill is the longest running sovereign music venue and night club. Started operating in 1980, it has hosted many live acts and music shows till now. Being the voted best live venue of the region it hosts several live band shows every year.

The Octagon Centre

Started operating in 1983 and the centre is eminent for hosting music venues, live shows, corporate meetings, etc. The Octagon Centre is a multi-purpose conference centre and has successfully attracted many visitors to see the place’s charisma and capability to house a large crowd.

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