Top 5 Pleasant Restaurants in London

With good restaurants in the city, the people in the city gets well cooked food and hence they remain healthy and happy. These amazing restaurants add zest and energy to lives of all, and also to the amazing city. The amazing food of these amazing restaurants shouldn’t be missed. These restaurants help people living their lives in a better way. These also make lives of the people living in the city more happening and enjoyable.

1. Mien Tay

The freshly cooked food and friendly staff add up to the joy of being at this sweet restaurant in London. The service in this restaurant is wonderful and also too friendly. With amazing food, this restaurant takes hearts of all.

2. Baiwei

The atmosphere is very much welcoming and friendly. The food of this restaurant is exceptionally brilliant. It is a cosy place where everyone is taken good care of. The presentation here is too good as well. The good staff makes you visit this restaurant in London quite often

3. TortelliniCup

This place is a lot more fun than expected. The time spent here is always worthy and enjoyable. Here the taste of the food always brings you back to this place. In brief, this is a beautifully decorated restaurant with soothing and calm atmosphere.

4. The Ledbury

The staff is amazingly sweet, pleasant and helpful in this restaurant. With impeccable service, this place has a long way to go. The interior of this place is really amazing.

5. The Five Fields

This is an energetic place which has surely made up to this list and that to be very confidently. This restaurant in London serves good food as well as great service to ots visitors. This is a real culinary gem and is very comfortable too to spend lots of time. One gets to experience a worthy time here loved by all.

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