Top Five Mouth Savouring Restaurants in Leeds

5. La Rock, Bridge Street

The La Carte is a like a little hidden gem in the city. It is an English restaurant which is small but beautiful. It is widely known for its highly presentable food served to their customers also making the food more savoury.

The rooms are made from within the green oak tree, contrasted with black granites and magnificent antler chandeliers. The décor is quite quirky and unique with smartly designed table ware and polished glass wares.

Right from its chic décor to its crispy cutlery and aromatic, textured and flavoured food, everything about is perfect.


4. Hart’s, Standard Hill

It is British restaurant known for its stylish and comfortable decors. The place is at quieter part of the city and free from any hustle and bustle of the city. So you can enjoy a sound dinning with your friends and family.

They serve the classic British cuisine with excellent tastes tantalizing your taste buds. The staff is attentive and welcoming.


3. World Service, Castle Gate

The World Castle is a 17th century house turned into restaurant and bar having the elegant marble flooring.

Moreover it has unique and stylish artefacts collected from the entire world to keep you entertained when dining. And also has a beautiful and flawless garden of Edwardian style and having some of the great masterpieces to soothe your sight with garden in backdrop. It is perfect spot to dine in summer.

The food is quite mesmerizing with British cuisines having influences from all over the world and made of the fresh and seasonal ingredients available at the markets.

The lounge bar offers more than 200 wines to warm your skin.


2. Malt Cross, St James’s St

Malt Cross is another beautiful restaurant in the Nottingham with a glass dome as ceiling. This is a charity run bar having many events and art exhibitions running regularly. It is Victorian Music Hall set in the heart of the city where you can enjoy the food with awesome live music.

The eatery is done up in deep woods with period features. A must have item on list of it is crushed maltesers hot chocolate.

The Malt Cross is a great venue where art meets food. So get your gang out at this excellent grouping place.


1. Sat Bains, Lenton Ln

The Sat Bains is a British restaurant with a two star Michelin. The fabulous culinary delight offered to customers. The British food is made tasty with twist. The décor, food, staff, service, everything is just perfect scoring 10/10. So have this feast to yourself one time when visiting Nottingham.
It ranks seventh in 2015 guide of the top 50 places to eat.

It opened on an industrial wasteland and now turned into one of the finest restaurant serving amazing food in the city. It offers 7 to 10 course tasting menu!

Enjoy this restaurant as a retreat to your ending vacation.


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