Top Five Mouth Savouring Restaurants in Liverpool

5. Lunya, College Lane

The Lunya is a Catalonian restaurant located in the heart of the city. It is a Catalan deli, bar and restaurant combination.

The restaurant serves high quality fresh local food in the best of Catalan and Spanish cuisine form. They are known for their presentable and wonderful Gourmet food with wines.

A band of musician is always playing some Spanish melodies in the restaurant in weekends to give a memorable experience like in Spain. The decor is simple and chic and food has varieties over the snacks, salads, tortillas and much more. This spot is definitely worth if you want to try out something new apart from the regular English menu.


4. Etsu, Central

The name may be too small but the restaurant is an amazing place to enjoy the sushi. The Etsu is a restaurant located in one of the hidden and quieter lanes of the city.

It is a Japanese restaurant offering you fresh, authentic and tasty food to lick your finger with. The dining rooms are spotless with contemporary wooden flooring. And the staff is friendly and well-informed.

The Etsu is a perfect dining for you if you want to have flavours of international yet localy made home food like taste Japanese cuisine.


3. Alma De Cuba, Seel Street

The Alma De Cuba is situated in the breathtaking surroundings in the former St. Peter’s Catholic Church and now turned into a social venue.

This place was the Liverpool’s first restaurant to be turning into social venue from a church. This restaurant has a bar, having South American sparkle and Caribbean cuisine, giving you eclectic and flavoursome menu.

The place is lit by candles having original stained glass windows from its origin to complement its modern decor. Rose petals are scattered from the upper level of the restaurant every midnight to give a truly romantic dining experience you ever had in your life. So never miss out this romantic, classy and spectacular restaurant if want to surprise your spouse without paying for the candles and rose!


2. London Carriage Works, Hope St

The London Carriage Works is as sophisticated as its name. It is an award winning restaurant serving International contemporary classic food with British as its main cuisine.

The restaurant is supplied with then local ingredients and food direct from the market. The interiors are stylish, comfortable and spacious.

You can have a bit of luxurious experience like a royal one at this place with reasonable price and great wines to add more fun to your visit. Definitely worth trying place in Glasgow.


1. Neon Jamon, Smithdown Pl

The Neon Jamon is the most popular restaurant in the Glasgow city. The restaurant serves Tapas at their best with good, authentic and tasty Spanish food.

The place is warm and the staff is friendly. You would be surprised at its rich and imaginative menu forcing you to dive into the exotic food experience.

Try out this fabulous place at your own and you would never be disappointed at your every visit.

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